Temporary exile

Last Day

Today is over. Today was my last class day. I am done high school. I have such mixed feelings about the whole affair! On one hand, I will really miss the majority of people in the halls, but I will not miss the systems and institutions controlling them. All I can say for sure is that I’m very excited for the summer as well as college next year.

It’s not that I will no longer be an autodidact. I think that the habits I adopted out of need will serve me well throughout my life. It’s just that now I will actually have an environment able to support me as well as people who know what I’m talking about. I suppose I’ll miss the hours in the lab and the free periods walking the halls, waxing philosophic with the intellectuals hiding amongst the normals.

Even with no more class, I’m not going to feel free until after I get my diploma on the 15th. I need to know and be sure that the school doesn’t have anything other tricks up their sleeves.

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