Temporary exile

Chillin After Camp

So after camp, my friend Matan came home with me to chill at my house for a little bit. We had alot of fun and hung out a great deal. Friday morning we went down to the city with Rona and met Yoni, Yaniv, Ainat, and the Richmans. It was a great deal of fun to run around downtown seeing the historic sites and checking out the cute shops and such.

So as the day went on, Lital and Karinne came back with Matan and I to spend Shabbos at my house. We spent time eating, remembering, and playing games. Such a wonderful first shabbos away from camp really. Being with friends is as good as it gets.

Matan left for Costa Rica motzei Shabbos and Karrine left the next morning. Sunday night, we went out to meet the Richmans for chinese food and water ice in Philly. Lital left this morning along with my parents rendering me home alone. I of course took plenty of photos to act as a chronicle of the whole weekend.

I did go over to Dov’s house this evening where I discovered an interesting site called jtsfuture.org which details the plans for a new chancellor of JTS. Not only does that site deserve some attention, it runs wordpress!

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