Temporary exile

Firewalls, Laptops and the New Kernel That Gives Me Sound

Ok. So after a wonderful discussion with the guys on #lugradio, I installed shorewall and set it up with some help from Xalior. I got it into a sort of working state and then realised that I couldn’t do all the fun things I used to do like play about with nmap and other tools like it. So I disabled shorewall for the time being and am still looking for a way to do things the way I like them. Suggestions are of course welcome.

I did get around to ordering my new laptop and decided that the Dell Inspiron 6000 that I had mentioned liking earlier was the best deal. It should be in the post now and I hope to get it before the sabbath so I will have some time to play about with it.

As a result of the new kernel version (2.6.13) I figured it was a good idea to try to compile it in an attempt to get sound working on my machine as the driver is not included in the standard Debian kernel images. My desktop machine has a Creative Sound Blaster Live! which normally requires the emu10k1 driver to be loaded as a module in the kernel. My particular soundcasr however is the Dell OEM version that requires the emu10k1x driver which, as mentioned before, is not included with the default kernel images. The reason that I did not compile a previous version is that all of my earlier attempts failed due to a intra-kernel dependancy issue. After some research and help from the #lugradio guys, I did manage to get it working. Now I have sound.

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