Temporary exile

My Brand New Laptop

I write this to you from my brand spankin new Dell Insprion 6000. Initially, there were some issues with X using Debian so under pressure from the guys, I downloaded an iso of Ubuntu and tried to install it.

At first, a few things really impressed me about it. One, it detected my ipw2200 wifi card and installed witout any trouble. Then it set it up with my home network and BOOM! I was connected wirelessly. There were still issues with X so I tried a number of things to get it working properly only to determine that I was using the wrong driver. After much frustration and some terrible anxiety, I switched to the default vesa driver and X booted.

I mussed about with the default desktop for awhile and then decided to switch to some superior desktop software. After converting it into kubuntu, I set it up the way I like and began the process of checking it out.

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