Temporary exile

Transitions and Discoveries

As I pack for college a few noteworthy things have happened. Firstly, my transition of my old desktop to a file-server and jukebox has progressed suprisingly well. I’ve gone ahead and installed the music player daemon (mpd) which allow remote control of audio. In the interest of clarity and ease of use in this area, I’ve installed the phpMp web based front end which uses apache and PHP to speak directly to the daemon running on a specified machine. This allows anyone with access to it to control the playback of music on that machine. I plan to plug it into my dorm network via ethernet and setup some speakers allowing it to run headless and be controlled remotely with any plain old web browser. Screenshot here.

I think that the most difficult part of the whole process was making sure that all of the graphical applications were removed. KDE was easy to take out along with other frequently used programs but when I removed my a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X11”X server, not all of my graphical libraries and applications were removed. I had to play around with apt before I was able to get all the stuff out. Eventually I got it all and was pleased to be able to move on and shut it down to be prepped for transport. The next time I boot it, I’ll be at school. In the midst of all the packing I’ve had sagans of other things to do. The vast majority of these things are doctor’s visits to deal with my fractured talus bone and such things. In the course of all this, my pediatrician anounced I am too old to be under their care much longer and need to find a new physician. I found one and went for a followup on my leg as he was the one that treated me when I broke my leg at camp. During the appointment I failed every single hearing test for my left ear. According to that, I am probobally very deaf in that particular ear due to all of the ear infections I had as a child and my continued issues with those lovely auditory organs. We shall see what the ENT says. In the meantime, I will be conducting my own hearing tests by balancing the audio output on my headphones when listening to music.

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