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Multiple Sources Hint at Arafat Having Died of AIDS Until We Realize No One Knows Anything

Even when it was happening a great deal of the community sort of bounced around the idea that former Palestinian terror leader Yasser Arafat was dying of something other than old age. I has long been theorized in a ha ha only serious sort of way that he was a homosexual because he was never very into women and hardly ever spent time with his wife. Such a guess is not so far fetched in the Arab world given the many stories about arab leaders being given young boys as a normal piece of hospitality when visiting someone of power. Cultural artifacts aside however, few were ready to seriously ready to consider the idea that Arafat might have been suffering from the AIDS virus.

That is at least until the recent release of Arafat’s medical records from his death. Since then almost every news source one can find has at least mentioned the possibility. Sify news picked it up along with the New York Times (which says a stroke but mentions AIDS), the Scotsman (says a “MASSIVE brain haemorrhage”), SignOnSandiego is saying that his death is still a mystery, the Australian follows suit and goes with the mystery defense.

Almost all of the articles conflict eachother as to the details and several of them even say that his records prove that he couldn’t have died of AIDS. So if the records shed so much light on the whole thing, why can’t anyone agree on the facts?

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