Temporary exile

Google Talk Might Be Getting Better

Ok so I began trying out the new Google Talk service a few weeks ago when it came out. Of course, because there isn’t yet an official client for Linux, I looked at the list of other clients that are capable of interfacing with Google talk and decided that because I was using Gaim anyhow, another account wouldn’t do any harm. After some finagling and tweaking of the settings and configuration I got the thing to work rather well. I found the response time to be just as fast as expected from a modern instant messenger service. Especially one based on Jabber.

Regardless of the bruhaha made over the lack of system to system (S2S) integration, I found my experience with the service to be rather enjoyable. Then again it was just another entry in my excellent multiprotocol messenger client. Recently however, as covered on digg.com, it would seem that AIM and Google have agreed to provide integrated interoperation so that the two networks can communicate. Let’s see how this turns out….

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