Temporary exile

Moving In

Ok so I’ve officially been at school for over 48 hours now and I’m thinking it’s time to blog some. So the school network is very slow and it seems to block ports so I can’t Skype yet or use IRC but I’m working on it. We did get stuff setup as far as our room is concerned and I’ll post pictures with the next batch upload I do.

In the meantime, check out these pictures that chronicle the trip of my mother, grandfather and I hang out around Seattle over the weekend. We met up with my friend Matan at some point and he took us to pike place market and showed us around the downtown. It was a great deal of fun.

I have been holding up as best I can under the circumstances which are not all bad in reality. It is rather scary because it is so new and unfamiliar. It’s not that it’s being away from home, that is upsetting, but being on my own. Luckily my roomate dan is really cool and the people on my floor seem really chill. I am excited to get to know them better. I have been doing some orientation around campus and it has been very much worth my time. I also hooked up with the Jewish Culture Center (JCC) which is a Jewish student group on campus and they are all very nice. It is way reassuring to have other Jews on campus at least. I have yet to meet up with some of the Jewish profs though. That is certainly a project for later.

Tonight there is a concert in the Housing Community Centerv (HCC) being given by Vicci Martinez and I’ll take lots of photos there and then do another upload of my room and people on my floor this evening.

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