Temporary exile

First Day of Class

Ok so the afforementioned concert during orientation week (o-week hereafter) was way lame and we all left early. My floor and I have been getting way tight and hanging out together. It seems like we are the only floor on the entire campus that hangs out together. It is very nice to have people to eat with and go into town with.

In other news, my first shabbos went rather well. Because we get free transit when we show our Evergreen ID card, I was able to take a bus into town to attend the Reconstructionist synagogue in Olympia called Temple Beth Hatfiloh. I did get a little lost in town but I managed to wander about and find the place before the sun was too far down. Originally I had wanted to attend the Conservative synagogue B’nai Torah but it’s not accessible by bus and foot. In coming weeks I can carpool with the JCC folks. I did meet lovely people at the recon place and we even spoke of starting a khevrusa once a week or something. Needless to say I’d be thrilled at such a development.

The other major thing is that my class began today. Check it out!

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