Temporary exile

News Abounding

Ok, so in a quick survey of some interesting news posts, please peruse the following:

  • Iranian president says that Israel is a “disgraceful blot” that should be “wiped off the map.” only to be scolded by Condi earlier today. (ABC NEWS)
  • The U.S. CIA is using what is being called a “stolen laptop” filled with documents that attest to the alleged development of a nuclear warhead by Iran. (The New Zealand Herald)
  • Public unrest in France continues as the city of Lyon sees more violence. (The NY Times)
  • In the ongoing investigation regarding the recent bombings, it becomes apparent that the New Delhi bombers intentionally stayed away from the heart of the city. (Delhi Newsline)
  • All the recent hubbub regarding the Sony DRM rootkit it appears that it may actually be in a serious breach of the LGPL. (De Winter Information Solutions)

Interesting stuff if you ask me. It always amazes me how good the internet is at getting us new information. Like news. News is good stuff.

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