Temporary exile

Python vs. PHP: Why Bother?

In my most recent travels, I have come accross a whole slew of different things. I began looking at Ajax related things and discovered some very cool stuff. I stumbled upon Python Server Pages through this nifty ONLamp.com tutorial. It is a Python clone of JavaServer Pages thanks to the facilities offered by mod_python. While this is a great improvement over things like Spyce, it doesn’t hold a candle to the functionality of straight up PHP.

So the question then becomes, is it worth going with a Python way of doing things just for the sake of it being Python when I could do it just as well if not better in PHP? It seems like the real reason I wanted to use Python was because I wanted to have the ease and flexibility that I associate with Python. Things like PSP and Spyce require you to mangle the ever-loving tar out of your code. Not easy and certainly not flexible.

So then why not just use PHP? It’s gotten a good deal better with PHP5 and it has some seriously funkalicious libraries available like xajax as mentioned before (As a side note, if someone wanted to do an awesome boon to the community, make a Python equivilent to xajax. Something lightwieght and easy that you can just throw right into the code and have it work). It can’t be too much harder to manage this.

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