Temporary exile

Since I've Been Home

Since I have been home I have been doing my very best to relax. I saw Æon Flux with my friend Ellis which was amazing. I tought it was a visually stunning film with excellent fight sequences and exceptionally well designed scenery. It did part from the original animated series in certain ways. Bregna was the only society which meant that the Monicans where actually rebels against their own government. I was also a little shocked by the amount of backstory in the film compared to the illusive but definitive dystopian setting of the animated series. I did like the film and would certainly go see it again, download it and buy the DVD when it is released. I do sort of remember putting the special edition re-release of the animated series on my wishlist but I haven’t the heart to check it lest I uncover which gifts have been purchased for me as a result of the upcoming holiday of Khanukka.

Aside from that, I have been keeping myself busy enough. I switched my sleep schedule so that I wake up at roughly 3 in the afternoon and go to sleep just after the sun comes up. This allows me maximum freedom of the house and encourages me to keep the noise down so as not to wake my family. In doing so, I have been making excellent use of my new iAudio x5 media player. It plays *.mp3, *.wav, *.WMA and most importantly: Ogg Vorbis. Additionally it also alows me to watch videos on it providing I transcode them to a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mp4”mp4 ahead of time. It is supposed to be able to play Xvid as well but I haven’t messed with it any. It works wonders on Linux given that once the device is plugged in via USB and mounted, you need only drag and drop to organize files into folders and the like. Personally, I prefer to use rsync to make sure that the music collections on my jukebox, media player and laptop are kept up to date. It’s gorgeous. Speaking of music, in my continuing love affair with trance music, my good friend, the fairy anime princess Icka has introduced me to some of the better works of Daft Punk and more notably, Oceanlab. I’ve been listening to it as I cook and muck about the house. Last night, for example, I cooked a butternut squash and rice soup with mushrooms, peanuts, mozzerella and picano romana cheeses. It was smashingly good.

My other major triumph has been getting StarCraft to play under wine). This has provided some serious fun for me as I have taken up my old addiction in a most delightful fashion. I especially like feeling the schadenfreude when I watch my opponents whither and pass away before my eyes. Great fun. Really it is.

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