Temporary exile

Go Atomic

I have a great deal of trouble explaining RSS) to folks. It doesn’t matter when I call it Really Simple Syndication, or Rich Site Summary (or worse yet, RDF Site Summary), the truth is that RSS is designed for a fairly specific purpose: making portable and parseable the content of blogs. Now, before I continue, no format is perfect and RSS is clearly robust enough that at it’s current revision (2.0 is the latest stable spec), it’s used all over the place. However, while people are using RSS for some pretty#VMcasting) interesting things,#Modules) at the end of the day they are still repurposing RSS. Enter Atom). It’s a multipurpose collection format with all the perks of RSS (XML,  standardization (0.3 stable + 1.0 draft),  inclusion of metadata (even DMCI), and extensibility), but without the incompatibilities#Modules). Additionally, the Atom standard specifies both a document format, consisting of general purpose entries, and a protocol called the Atom Publishing Protocol (APP) currently a draft under review. It’s also sponsored by a who’s who#Initial_Work) of the modern tech world. In fact, I first learned about why it’s cool when I read an LJ interview with Tim Bray. Breeze on over to AtomEnabled and check it out for yourself. I’m excited.

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