Temporary exile

Looking Forward to KDE4

It’s not secret I’m a fan of KDE. In fact, I’m really very excited about the upcoming release of KDE4. It’s supposed to be lighter and faster while still packing a whole bunch of new features. My friend, Matthew Rosewarne, put together this great presentation which he delivered to my LUG last month. It details all kinds of neat details like the new multimedia (Phonon), hardware (Solid), information () and communication (Decibel) frameworks. Additionally, there are plans for seriously intense desktop search (Tenor, NEPOMUK, Strigi), as well as multi-language, global spellchecking based on advanced language analysis (Sonnet). All of this is tied together under a brand-spankin’-new interface (Plasma) complete with gorgeous new icons (Oxygen). For the programming crowd, there is tons to be excited about. First and foremost, the entire backend of kdelibs is being ported to the lighter and faster Qt4. The entire system will have a ton of language bindings which completely expose the functionality of the libraries. This is cool because Kdevelop4 will have much better support for developing KDE apps with non C++ languages (i.e. Python and Ruby will be first class citizens). To top it all off, the entire architecture is ready to make the jump to multicore on account of much-improved multithreading support (ThreadWeaver).

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