Temporary exile

Success and Failure in the VM

Well, I set out to test Zimbra and a Desktop environment in conjunction with SELinux, and I had a few surprises along the way. First, it turns out that the open source edition of Zimbra is a giant, self-contained, beast of a product. Try as I did, I was unable to get it to install no matter how many libraries it asked me to install. The other experiment, the XFCE desktop, did just fine. You can check out a screenshot of me downloading the Zimbra package here. Anyway, I did follow the excellent setup instructions on the Debian wiki and I successfully got the targeted refpolicy installed and working. The result? No real noticeable change. So, my next step will be to install the strict policy and see if things start to break… UPDATE: Also, I settled on KVM because it can use the VT bit. The performance increase is really cool.

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