Temporary exile

What I'm Doing This Year

So, in case anyone was wondering what I’ll be doing this year in college, I’m taking this year-long program called Student Originated Software (commonly abbreviated SOS). It has four components which are: - Data Structures: A study of the various containers which are

used by programs to store and organize information. Examples
include arrays, matrices, stacks, hashes and trees. We'll also be
discussing and analyzing the algorithms used to manipulate data as
we compare different methods of storage and sorting.
  • Operating Systems: An in-depth look at various components of modern operating systems such as schedulers, processes and threads, memory management and filesystems. We’ll even be hacking some on the Linux kernel!
  • Software Architecture: Not really sure where this thread is going but it seems to be about the organizations of large systems. Should be neat…
  • Project: A personal (individual or group) development project of some sort.

Later on we’ll be doing some algorithmic analysis and having more project time. You can read the official description and visit the SOS website.

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