Temporary exile

Can We Learn From Hyphy?

Once upon a time, the hip-hop community ignored those who weren’t in theright clique. In fact, for a very long time, the rap community at large didn’t do anything to acknowledge the artistic and cultural contributions of the San Francisco Bay Area. Instead, most focused on the more mainstream hip-hop culture in and around Los Angeles. The Bay Area hip-hop artists could have responded in any number of ways, many of which might considered poorly-thought-out and generally counter-productive. However, rather than choosing to take an inherently negative approach, the first instinct of this rap community was to create. Instead of making a needless ruckus, rappers in the Bay Area began a movement which has come to be known as Hyphy. This new renaissance has seen artists such as Keak Da Sneak, E-40 and others produce a distinct body of musical content which expresses the unique cultural nuances of the Bay Area. While this locally-flavored rap scene has many of the same flaws as other rap scenes (drugs and violence), it is certainly worth mentioning the little metropolitan community that managed to take the high road and counter the cold shoulder of others with the warmth of inspired creativity. Society at large could certainly benefit from examining this sentiment in the hopes that people will realize how easy it can be to create for the common good instead of detracting it. Put your stunna shades up and think about the triumph of the positive muse over negative impulses. It’s not every day that the independent spirit can soar on the winds of creativity. If you need me, I’ll be ghost ridin’ the whip.

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