Temporary exile

Monitoring the General Public Virus

On my second day of having a sore throat, it would seem that I have contracted the General Public Virus.  If it is just the common cold, then I should expect to be better in 6-10 days but if it’s something else, then I can expect a different recovery time. In response to my condition, I have decided to begin a little project where I will track my symptoms for the duration of the illness. I have set up a database using Kexi and plan to test out some of the more advanced features. I will be recording the severity (using the universal pain scale) of the following symptoms, to be measured 3 times daily. - Body temperature - Muscles aches - Congestion (values over 5 indicate active running of the mucus) - Headache - Joint stiffness - Throat soreness/pain

All the while, I will be drinking plenty of clear fluids, eating regularly and getting plenty of rest. Afterwards, I will begin to analyze all of the data collected using tools to help visualize and discover trends in the data. Let the experiment commence!

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