Temporary exile

One Less Quarter, Another Dollar

Seeing as how classes have been canceled today, it would seem that I have completed the Fall 2007 academic quarter. While this is most certainly something to get excited about, I have a few more obligations until I can walk away. For the next few days, these are my projects: 1. Finish my thesis proposal. It’s cool and I promise to post the

completed copy)
  1. Complete work on my final exam. I have the permission simulator written and it can actually store data. I still need to write test cases and debug the thing though. Additionally, once I have it working, it might be worth seeing how much of it I can refactor and tighten up. Like anyone, my code isn’t always great but it should at least be written well.
  2. Clean up and finish the draft for the current tech report I am working on. Two tech reports in one academic quarter seems like a pretty good pace.
  3. Cook for Shabbos dinner at the home of my beloved, revered and venerated faculty. Her clutch of dedicated students are planning a large dish involving many sautéed vegetables and rice. Perhaps I’ll post our methodologies if it turns out well.
  4. Pack to go home on. I fly home early on Tuesday, 2007-12-11 so I need to have certain items like clothes, my tefillin, chargers for my various media devices, personal grooming equipment (razor, etc), books and assorted other required equipment.
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