Temporary exile

In Israel

So, we landed at Ben Gurion Airport yesterday evening and I’ve been de-jetlagging since then. This morning we had to make a Shiva call in Netivot to a friend who’s parent had just recently passed. Afterwards, we took my mother shopping at the two premier (and only) gluten free food sources in Israel. The first is this gourmet chef whose food is delicious (glutenous or not!) and the second is a market with an excellent selection of products and other goods. Anyway, then we ran around doing some errands before going out to dinner and having the most delicious meat ever. It’s impossible to get kosher meat like this in the states without paying an absolute fortune. Tomorrow my brother Benjy and I are taking a trip down to Eilat for shabbos with some friends, so I’ll keep track of as many details as I can.

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