Temporary exile

Hacking in Haifa and Eating in Tel Aviv

On sunday I traveled up to Haifa to visit with, Yoni Rabkin-Katznell (yrk) a colleague of mine. We had great fun cooking together and joyfully hacking until the wee hours of the morning. After a shot of ouzo and finger ofscotch, the real programming language debates began and it was very nice to have such lively discussions. Recently, I’ve been in and around Tel Aviv hanging out with various friends, gorging myself on sushi and generally having a bang-up time enjoying some vacation time. In between relaxation, I’ve been polishing up my most recent project and trying to document everything before I get down to heavy trials to make sure the damn thing works before I post it. It’s times like these where knowing something about unit testing might actually be useful. Yet another thing on the list of stuff to learn…

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