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In Defense of Sardines

For reasons unknown to me at this time, many people seem to think poorly of sardines. This humble fish is not only tasty, but it appears to be rather healthy! I can’t wrap my head around why something so delicious and nutritious is loathed by about 90% of the people I have encountered (more specifically, those with whom I actually discussed sardines).

However, it does seem logical that some of the negative connotation associated with sardines might in turn come from negative images likeĀ  “packed in like sardines” and other such idiom. Another reason may be that people are unfamiliar with sardines or confuse them with other small and (generally) canned fish such as the anchovy. Sardines are far less salty and often have a lighter and flakier presence on the palette. Those who venture to try this shockingly satisfying fish may very well find that the dark flesh and savory texture reminds one of the ever-popular herring.
While I prefer them in a sauce of mustard and dill, I would advise some other preparations for those who are interested… - Seared in a pan with olive oil. Feel free to add black pepper,

kosher salt, cumin, tarragon and basil)
  • In salads of baby spinach and other leafy, green substance. Sardines packed in an oil can be drained and added to provide a good addition to a more acidic vinaigrette!
  • On top of noodles like Soba or Korean-style tofu noodles.
  • Plainly eaten with some crackers (cheese of your choice is optional but not always recommended)

Regardless of the reason, I would encourage people to give sardines a try. Besides, as a student, sardines are a cost-effective and seriously tasty way to enhance a dish or even just snack! Give it a shot. You might just be in for a pleasant surprise… Powered by ScribeFire.

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