Temporary exile

Peeling Oranges

I’ve recently begun to really enjoying fresh oranges). Specifically, I have been devouring ripe, Navel oranges#Navel_orange) which are sold for cheap by my local supermarket. While I’ve gradually developed my orange-peeling skills over the past few weeks, I am still occasionally plagued by bits of orange rind being stuck to the surface of the underlying flesh. It often toughens the texture of the fruit thus making it harder to chew, and picking it off is rather tedious.
A quick bit of searching yields a few results including a two different howto documents (eHow and wikiHow), an article in the Hitchhiker’s Guide and an instructable indicating how to get the skin off in one piece.
In my own experiments, I have noticed that the faster I remove the skin, the less pith sticks to the fruit. I believe that a swifter separation minimizes the undesirable adhesion. Is such a theory logical? Has anyone tinkered with this? Might there be some tips out there?

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