Temporary exile

Free, Legal TV on the Web

Want to see the latest episode of your favorite TV show? Did you miss it on TV and don’t have a DVR (like TiVo)? Don’t want to watch grainy and partial clips on YouTube or pick it up from some other illicit means? Starting this week, you’re in luck! A new joint venture of FOX and NBC has all of your favorite programming online, in decent resolution for free. You can watch what you want, when you want and you don’t need to subscribe for an on-demand service only to be even more tied to your television set. Hulu has stuff from NBC and FOX channels like SciFi, Bravo, FX and others. It even offers a bunch of full-length movies that you can watch at your leisure. Best yet: it also seems to be presented with limited commercial interruption through episode sponsorship. I’m watching the latest episode of House) as I write this. Go to Hulu.com and check it out for yourself. My real criticisms are that the Flash player is rather heavy and can slow down easily, thus skipping frames. Also, the resolution is decent but doesn’t scale well so avoid the full screen player. That being said, there is, supposedly, an HD gallery but I haven’t poked around in it yet.

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