Temporary exile

Yes, but Will It Blend?

This one comes from my beloved brother, Ari, who always likes to remind me that I don’t have a life and miss all the good stuff. Imagine being an iguana living in a Tokyo pet store when Godzilla attacked. You’d probably feel something like an ordinary kitchen appliance who’s just seen the Blendtec Total Blender. Basically, it’s this professional strength blender than seems able to reduce just about anything to slurry, powder and mush. In an exceptionally entertaining example of viral marketing, Tom Dickson, the founder of Blendtec, opened this fantastic website called Will It Blend?which showcases videos of the Total Blender deconstructing various objects. There is some seriously Mr. Wizard-stlye feel good flavor to the videos as Tom conducts each demonstration with a vanilla charm and matching lab coat inside the Blendtec test kitchen. Appropriately enough, Tom has a genuinely-amused smile on his face as he destroys everything from whole cans of Coke to garden hoses and glow sticks. Though the overwhelming majority of videos are in the ”Don’t Try This @ Home” category, you can still find some neat (and safer) demos in the ”Try This @ Home” category. The coolest part? You can even submit ideas and suggestions for what sort of things they should try blending in the future.

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