Temporary exile

Does Losing Weight Make Me Un-Trendy?

Over the past 8 months, I have been trying to eat healthy and be more active. Between rekindling my love for vegetables, subduing my desire for pastry and doing my nightly routine of old-man floor exercises, I’ve lost over 10 kilos. Since getting home, I’m walking to synagogue every morning (someday, I hope to be accepted by the Minyanaires) and bringing my book to the track near my house so that I can read and walk at the same time. While not fanatical, I am certainly pleased with the level of activity in my new routine and it’s my hope that such efforts will please my physician. Though I was never a hulking behemoth of a man, I have certainly noticed the improvement in my body muscle and reduction in my waistline. In fact, I need to find some new clothes…Anyway, though I will never be a body builder and my large frame will always retain some heft, I do feel noticeably better both physically and mentally. Having said that, imagine my shock when Wired Magazine’s most recent Jargon Watch featured the term “Fatosphere”. I was caught off guard by the number of pro-fat blogs and websites which seem to be part of a developing fat acceptance movement. In addition to the links on the NAAFA website (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance), blogs like Fatosphere, Fat Fu and Big Fat Blog offer a fascinating glimpse into America’s underbelly as activists seek to combat what is perceived to be fat discrimination. Does my shrinking paunch make me un-trendy?

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