Temporary exile

Don't Forget Your White Bible

I’ve been doing a fair amount of hacking in C) recently thanks to some very interesting class assignments. As my C skills had been virtually non-existent before being forced to use it this year, I can honestly say that my appreciation for the language is improving. While I can’t yet say that I’m so competent, I am becoming increasingly comfortable with my ability to use some of the more powerful features like pointers and addressing. This was finally my chance to brush of my copy of K&R’s The C Programming Language) (2nd edition covers ANSI C) which I had purchased in high school when C seemed like a good thing to learn in between Lisp and Python (speaking of which, I still miss the language features of higher-level languages). Regardless, anyone learning to learn C should still turn to the oldie-but-goodie and buy a copy to keep on the desk. For those who do purchase it, look at the copyright page and notice that the book was actually formatted and written with troff.

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