Temporary exile

The Wide, Wide World of JS Toolkits

While tinkering with web stuff is always entertaining, I recently got turned on to two new JavaScript toolkits which are interesting. The first of which is this neat offering from Adobe called Spry which has a pretty rockin’ set of built-in features like widgets, data-handling mechanisms, clean design and an ease-of use to rival even heavyweights like Dojo. I’ve been doing some messing about with the tab and collapsible panel widgets along with client-side form validators. The other is a more interesting and currently-trendy system which has generated a bunch of news following the news that Apple has adopted it extensively. Sproutcore is a fantastic piece of software which uses the Model-View-Controller paradigm for development. It uses Ruby to generate client-side JavaScript and HTML so that developers don’t get stuck building web applications which are painful to debug and fragile to begin with. Allegedly, it plugs right into Rails but can utilize anything on the server, even ASP.NET. Anyway, both of these seem pretty cool though the later is currently more captivating than the former. Also of note, though not really to my liking, is the development and discussion of Objective-J and Cappuccino which seems to be a direct port of the Objective-C runtime and Cocoa) to JavaScript. Although my dislike of Apple is well-known, the concepts behind Cocoa seem pretty cool…

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