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Google Releases New Web Browser Called Chrome

Even after Google agreed to continue funding the overwhelming majority of Mozilla’s operating budget for another three years, they decided to be absolutely crazy and release their own browser.  It’s called Chrome and it’s actually really cool. The official announcement on the Google Blog is a little bit scarce on details but it does have a link to a 38-page cartoon (drawn by Scott McCloud) introducing the browser and it’s key features and concepts. Among the more notable cool points are sandboxed tabs (so when one page goes awry, the whole browser doesn’t crash), a super vast JavaScript interpretter (called V8) and ultra-tight integration with Google Gears along with other Google services. TechCrunch has details and alleged screenshots while Ars has a characteristically thoughtful writeup of the initial announcement. Chrome has some very cool ideas and the comic should be entertaining to almost anyone. I do still wonder about certain things, even in spite of my curiosity and excitement. For example, although the browser is supposed to be Open Source, how liberal will the license be and what will it mean for Firefox?

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