Temporary exile

Palm Should Go Android

Palm would benefit from adopting Android for so many reasons! - Stop funneling profits to Microsoft - Get enthusiastic Android developers from the community - Support free software and change the business model enough to

ensure future solidity. How long before someone does a \*really\*
good clone of HotSync? Why not just move to an open standard like
[SyncML](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SyncML) and monetize the
  • Focus on kickin hardware and stop worrying about the OS. Remember the fiasco with PalmSource?
  • Contributing the upcoming Linux-based new Palm OS to the community would be a kickin way to give back, a great PR stunt and it would free up talent assets to work on the coolness that is Android

Just one person’s opinion but I remember my old Palm hardware and wouldn’t think twice before dropping some cash on a Palm device that ran Android.

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