Temporary exile

Git Really Is That Good

I confess I’ve been a Subversion fan for ages but I was actually told to try out git a while ago and was finally convinced by the fact that it’s distributed so I can manage things when I’m not connected to the network. I’ve started by using it to maintain my org-mode files (which are growing pretty rapidly…) and using git remote repositories (secure connections courtesy of SSH) to keep it backed up on my houseputer. It’s so good that I wish DreamHost backup allowed usage of git on the other end of their personal backup instead of just scp, sftp and rsync. I’m checking lots of things into git right now and seriously wishing that DreamHost would support it for version control, especially if they aren’t going to install useful svn tools like Trac and friends. In any case, I like how it managed objects, signs commits, can colorize output and can do push, pull and fetch over ssh. It does branch management *brilliantly* and has utilities to optimize everything. Git is also very, very fast. I am amazed at how quickly and easily it takes care of business, even when working with large directory trees. I read the docs, beginning with the Git for SVN users tutorial and continuing with Everyday Git. Of particular use was this tutorial (thanks to mikegrb) on setting up remote repositories.

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