Temporary exile

Thank You to JOPP!

I just got back from a workshop run by the JOPP. What a blast! I was really honored with the chance to give a talk to a fantastic crowd with good questions. Thank you to all the fine folks over at JOPP and all the people who showed up to listen to me rant about social technologies and the under-30 demographic. It was great to be in the same room with talented educators and committed professionals from whom I can learn so much. One of the more interesting things that I heard was how so many non-profits are paying for services that they could get for free with a little bit of know-how. Are people really still paying for podcasting? While there are some things out there worth paying for (specifically, select services), I am shocked and amazed that there are still organizations out there who haven’t looked into Free/Open Source Software! Don’t they wonder where great products like Firefox and OpenOffice.org come from? It seems to me like there are plenty of folks out there who could still seriously benefit from the chance to get their hands on real resources to expand their organizations. It’s the hardworking non-profits and the community groups that need to be reached by Free/Open Source Software evangelism because they are the people who stand to benefit the most from it. Computers are supposed to empower people, remember? This topic deserves further thought.

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