Temporary exile

I Have Discovered Sinatra and Gained Enlightenment

I don’t mean Frank Sinatra, I attained enlightenment from him when I was in fifth grade and my father sat me down to teach me the way of the rat pack. That day, I learned many things and as I stayed up late, sneakily listening to one of his latest anthologies (remastered of course), the elegant strength of Sinatra was non-too-apparent. Today, when I sat down to work on a small software project for work that was taking way too long, I realized that I should most likely just use a framework. It being a web-app, I immediately figured I should use Rails. After about 20 minutes, I realized that the task at hand was too simple for Rails and that something else might do me better. After seeking advice from Trek, I installed the Sinatra web framework and my journey began. It was fifth grade all over again. With Sinatra on the back  (fully supported by Dreamhost, apropros) and jQuery on the front, I was able to advance beyond what I had accomplished in one day in just 3 hours. I had never used Sinatra before but I certainly will in the future. Also, because Sinatra gives you very little policy with respect to how must do things, I had no problem writing my business logic in Sinatra, leaving me free to write my data-handling code and page generation without worry.  Just so you know, when you keep your components seperate in the way I just described, you can get all excited and call it MVC.  For views, Sinatra supports HAML, ERB (my fav) and Builder while for models you may do pretty-much whatever you want (Datamapper, ActiveRecord, Sequel). Sinatra is really worth a look and I know that I’ll be relying on it heavily in the next few months.

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