Temporary exile

A Good Debian Package Caching System

I’ve got several servers on my network and I’m ok with that. Honestly, I am. The problem I run in to is that I end up wasting bandwidth by keeping them all up to date. In the past, I’ve tried apt-proxy (not the only one who’s had problems) and, most recently, debtorrent but they inevitably fail. Why is this? It doesn’t matter, I just need something to work. I heard about Approx and am giving it a try. It’s not a daemon, but something invoked by inetd. It’s also written in OCaml, which has a decent reputation for stability. It coped easily with 3 computers updating at the same time (something which none of the others could do) so we’ll see how it works. Hopefully this one won’t choke like the others did.

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