Temporary exile

Languages, Platforms, Paradigms and Speed

Ever since the latest round of Ruby benchmarks came out and everyone got all excited, I got to thinking about the overall discussion about languages and the interpreted vs. compiled debate. To be fair, there will always be those who take a specific side for some small-but-important-to-them reason yet this has not stopped so many projects from bridging the gap, albeit with varying degrees of success. In many instances, it comes down to the different approaches taken by various language themselves and the payoffs they offer. In my investigation, I came across some very enlightening sources of information on the overall discussion of language speed, code optimization and the tension between different paradigms. Please peruse the following: - Compiling and Optimizing Scripting Languages

- Google Tech Talk by one of the maintainers of
[phc](http://www.phpcompiler.org/), the PHP compiler.

Something missing from this list?

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