Temporary exile

Podcasts I Now Listen To

I commute to work. Unfortunately, there is no way to carpool so I end up driving about 80 miles a day alone. Still, I drive a very fuel-efficient Honda Fit and try not to feel too guilty about the fuel consumption considering that I use very little. So, with all that time spent on the Merritt, what should I be listening to in the car? Well, I now have a few podcasts that I listen to. First and foremost, I enjoy theLKML Summary podcast put out by Jon Masters. He does an exceptional job of summarizing things and his side commentary is usually rather hilarious, actually.  I do wish he’d provide a touch more background on certain things as it can be hard to jump right into the high-level technical discussion on the mailing list. Masters’ radio-compatible voice is a pleasure to listen to in the car, even if each episode is only just under nine minutes long. Next, I have Software Engineering Radio, which has some really neat discussions. The latest one is on APIs and then I’m going to listen to the one where they interview Odersky. The commentary on topics is quite lucid and I greatly appreciate the candor of guests when discussing specific issues. After all is said and done, the software community at large can be a political group (myself included) so it’s nice to have some really great technical discussions as well. So far, that’s it. I want to also sample the OSNews podcast but haven’t gotten around to it yet. So with about 2 hours in the car every day, anyone know of anything else I should be listening to now that LugRadio is over? I’d be interested in some podcasts on the topics of emacs, Debian or Scala stuff.

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