Temporary exile

Data Visualization on a Web Page

Quickie: Two of my favorite ways to get data visualized on a web page are the Google Chart API and flot, the amazing canvas-based plotting library built on top of jQuery. The Google Chart API provides a rediculously clever way to get high-quality information graphics which are generated on the back of the clearly-amazing Google infrastructure. You just use the URL layout provided and it sort of just works. All types of charts can be created. It’s very nice if you’re willing to take the time to piece together the URLs in the proper format. There are some abstractions, though. Then there’s flot (which I’m told is Swedish for “pretty”). Flot is a library written in JavaScript on top of jQuery which produces very nice charts inside a canvas element. The demos are quite gorgeous and it’s operation seems straightforward enough. As a side note, Lift has a built-in flot widget.

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