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ES5 Is Finally Here, JavaScript Geeks Rejoice!

So, earlier this week, it was announced that ECMAScript 5 has finally been released. This is a good thing and I caught the highlights on InfoQ. The full draft is a 252 page PDF  beast of a document which covers basically about everything there is to cover. The things which strike me as interesting are the improved Array functions (like map, filter and reduce), some (finally) ways to harden Objects (in the form of freeze and seal) and JSON in the language. The other big deal which has me excited is the availability of a strict mode which has been spoken about by Douglas Crockford in his Google Tech Talk as well in his book JavaScript: The Good Parts, which you should buy. Honestly, it makes you appreciate JavaScript so very, very much as D-Crock highlights the best and worst features of JavaScript. In reality, this has been a big month for JavaScript with Google open sourcing its internal JS toolkit, Closure along with much attention being paid to to projects like NodeJS (for network stuff) and CommonJS (for everything else).

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