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HTML5 Has Custom Data Attributes

So, I know that the Microformats project has has varying degrees of success in their endeavor to embed data in HTML such that it does not violate web standards.  As John Resig pointed out, others have used things like XML namespacing in XHTML to achieve similar goals. The most notable usages of this technique are most likely to be found in the applications of RDFa. However, when looking at the new unobtrusive JavaScript helpers in the forthcoming Rails 3, I was tipped off to the huge scope of the new data- attributes in HTML5. The custom data- attributes excite me. In HTML5, including any arbitrary attribute may be included in any element provided that it is prefixed with data- and doesn’t interfere with the rest of the standard. Anything. So I can do the following and have it be perfectly valid:

<div data-panda="bamboo"> Whatever <div>

How awesome is that?

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