Jonathan E. Magen

Jonathan, who has been programming since he was in first grade, is a computer scientist with over a decade of professional experience. Having studied operating systems, distributed computing, and security in school, he spent a hot second in the public sector before heading into startup land. Having since left that world behind, Jonathan is now a Principal Technologist for a large company in the healthcare sector. He can be found coding and presenting at local meetups.


Jonathan loves computers

Jonathan creates all sorts of software, writing, and presentations. He's written about garbage collection, as well as presented on a variety of topics such as Emacs and different ways to parse large CSVs. Seriously, he's a nerd.

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Jonathan's areas of inquiry

Distributed Computing

When many computers come together to perform a job, what happens? What can go wrong?

Operating Systems

How are kernels, the heart of an operating system, designed? What works and what doesn't?

Computer Security

Keeping out the bad guys is more than just passwords and encryption. What's next for InfoSec?

Open Source Software

Jonathan was raised by the then-nascent Free/Open Source Software community from the time he was in high school. He is comfortable working in 8+ computer languages and loves to learn and experiment with new ones and new paradigms.

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Always up for a good conversation, Jonathan is also willing to mentor learning developers with the understanding that he's always learning himself.


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